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At 1:20pm on February 10, 2012, Emily L Haggith said…

Love the pic of the deer & the cat :)

At 2:12am on February 14, 2010, Honeydew said…
Hey, thanks for the friend add. I see you are looking for a travelling buddy too. Where would you like to travel and when? I don't have any plans yet, but I can't go to the US. I had a whole trip planned for Hawaii, but was denied entry to the US because I didn't have enough money or ties to Canada. So I can't go there until I have those requirements. I like the idea of Mexico or maybe Costa Rica or Panama. Are you thinking of WWOOFing, backpacking, or do you have other ideas?
At 12:09pm on January 5, 2010, Joy said…
I am open to going to CR - I know there are some peeps already there..are you thinking for a week, a month? Let me know your time frame. I might just go to Florida for a week or so and then go to CR in the summer. Where are the festivals you speak of? Thailand?
At 11:22am on January 4, 2010, Joy said…
Hi John!! Yes, love traveling - where you are thinking about going??
At 12:15pm on November 4, 2009, P-Lee said…
Oh and I can't seem to get the music thing to work right. I guess my format is wrong?!?!?! But Three Little Birds is one of my favourite songs as well!!!!!
At 12:13pm on November 4, 2009, P-Lee said…
Awwww YAY John E. V. that makes me sooooo happy that I can't seem to type!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY SO how you like the roller...hurts hun! But it's that good kinda hurt. I jumped on mine today for the first time in a month or two and wow the diffrence. Sorry it's taken me sooo long. Ok so I do working right now... and I'm doing school. And yah so how fast were you going ????
Hey how was your Hallowe'en? Dress up and go out? Ok I should work...bah work =)
At 2:37pm on October 28, 2009, P-Lee said…
Hello John E. V.
Thank for the fiver! I’m sorry to hear that you have pain. Have you ever tried ART? Home foam rolling? I know that I should be using my foam roller everyday but it hurts, so I don’t…..which is how I know I need to use it ...I guess if it doesn’t bring you joy and only pain then I guess you really shouldn’t run.
Ohhh there’s some Santa fun run I think I may do as well. It’s only like 5k but everyone wear a santa outfit. It sounds like fun, and then this summer there’s also the midsummer night run, and the chocolate half marathon, oh and the wine tasting marathon ( I actually never liked wine but it should still be fun running with everyone). I guess I’m more of a social runner than a competitive one =) The 10 miler sounds interesting, I may have to keep that in mind. Anyway, I hope all is well and work is done for me. Ha ha time to GO HOME!!!! ( can you tell I love my job) =)
At 9:39am on October 27, 2009, Lama Jigme Gyatso said…
At 9:39am on October 27, 2009, Lama Jigme Gyatso said…
At 8:01am on October 27, 2009, Shauna said…
Thanks for the add John!
and i'm glad you can recognize your weaknesses as admirable, too :)
At 1:46pm on October 26, 2009, Bryne said…
John: Cheers for the friend request. Lol, I seem to remember Thunder Bay being a bit larger than that, but you may be right, your home could have been just down the street from the hotel, who knows! I may be driving back that way next summer, so we may yet meet again… for the first time ;)
At 9:15am on October 23, 2009, P-Lee said…
Hey ya John E….is John E. ok or would you rather John? Ohhh or how about John E. Five =)

Umm the 1/2 went well. Not the best time but hey it was my first and I didn’t really train. I did about 11 training runs in the four or five months leading up to. I just never seem to get an actual training schedule (this year was the closest) so I do what I do .... and every year something seems to happen. Two years ago before Run for the Toad I was bit by a neighbors cat and ended up with cellulitis, couldn’t walk for two weeks. Last year I was on my bike and got hit by a car, again couldn’t walk for two or more weeks (both of those in August). This year was just a cold (in September) but again put me out for a while.
See I figure things come in threes right..... so that means next year should be awesome! Ok Ok so sure there’s all that and I’m the worlds best procrastinator, like right now I should be working on a unit assignment he he!

I think the next thing for me may be Around the Bay 30k or the London Forest City Road Race the full. So do you not run at all now? I take it you’ve done many races. They hurt but are so much fun.
At 7:07pm on October 22, 2009, Xenia said…
Thanks John for the gift, i love pink!
At 3:34pm on October 22, 2009, Sandra Winterdawn said…
yes, my friend eric, has durian, coconut, dragon fruit, mangosteen, black sapote, yellow sapote,abiu,pomelo,sapadilla, lychee and ducas bananas.all are organic. Friends down the road a bit have most of the above and rollinia. they are not organic. Bob is a big banana farmer and peter a tarro farmer. The main commercial crops for the area are cavandish bananas and sugar cane.I am partners with eric in our organic ducas bananas, we have been hand watering lately because there has not been much rain, even though Tully, which is the nearest town, about a 20 minute drive, is the wettest town in Australia.
At 12:58pm on October 22, 2009, P-Lee said…
Hey John E.
Thank so much for the gift! Very nice.
At 9:10pm on October 21, 2009, Sandra Winterdawn said…
Hi John,
just as i finished writing to you a sub adult cassowary came to check out my tomatoes. he does not have a blue neck yet. i uploaded some photos of him.
At 5:54pm on October 21, 2009, Sandra Winterdawn said…
Hi John,
I live in far nth queensland, Australia. Wongaling beach is part of the Mission Beach area. Mission Beach has a population of about 1500. It is one of two places on the east coast where the rainforest meets the sea. (Cape Tribulation is the other one). My house is a 5 minute walk from the beach. Mission B is home of the Cassowary, a beautiful huge bird with a blue neck. They are endangered and are the subject of much research. I belong to club called rare fruit australia and a lot of my friends are tropical fruit growers. a very good friend and ex-lover of mine (who still lives with me) has a tropical fruit farm 15 minutes out of town. i have learnt a great deal about growing organic fruit. Cassowarys who are fruit eaters roam freely on my friends farm and I have been blessed with a few close encounters.
now i'm off to water my garden
At 12:45pm on October 20, 2009, Bryne said…
John: nice to know of another fellow lfrv living in the great white north ; )

I was just in Thunder Bay this July on the way from a pretty long road trip from out West. I currently live near Ottawa. Perhaps we will cross paths someday.

At 10:21am on October 20, 2009, Sandra Winterdawn said…
Thanks John,
that helps a lot. i will let you know how i go.

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