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I've been "gifted" with a damaged body who's genetic, neurological and endocrine needs can not be ignored.

But the premises of the HCRV lifestyle are sound, so I'm determined to keep at it until I find a way to THRIVE on it's path. 

It's been six months since I last retreated {tail between my legs

to cooked veganism.} If insanity is defined as "doing the same thing but expecting different results" then I'm armed with a new strategy.

I'm only going to address one diet-variable at a time. I'm going to address it, make changes, and once I've weathered the ffects of that change, then I'll turn my sites to the next challenge. 

You know, kind of like algebra when they told us to reduce the number of variables. 

Therefore my FIRST goal is to consume sufficient, High-quality carbs with-OUT sliding into my characteristicLethargy.  

Inspired by my previous success at adapting the "Warrior Diet" to a vegan paradigm I've been experimenting with:

#1 nibbling on small grape meals during the day,

#2 savoring a large salad at 5pm {before I teach class}

#3 enjoying a grape-feast at 8pm {after teaching}.

I still have the intense lethargy after the 8pm grape-feast,

but then it's appropriate to go to sleep {or at least prepare to do so}. 

That's my latest gambit for a successful journey upon the HCRV path. 

Yes I've tried: -eating more fruit, and -combining my fruit with lettuce. 

In Statistics we learn of the "Bell Curve." Most of us have bodies who's attributes and needs seem to fall within the "Belly" of the bell curve. But {statistically} some of us don't. 

As a statistical "freak" who's lucky to even have cheated death as long as I already have, I should neither embrace denial and just pretend this body is like everyone else's nor should I indulge self pity, press my nose up against the window of HCRV and lament "why hasn't it worked for poor me?"

So I am determined to take action, notice my results and based upon those observations make subtle refines to my approach until I find a way for this body to absolutely THRIVE upon the HCRV path. 

Your kind encouragement is deeply valued. 

May you and yours be happy and healthy!

Om Mani Padme Hum,

L. Jigme

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