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Some tenets to free this human being's mind

HOPE is achieved in ouranos (heaven) and on gaea (earth) manifest with this viticulture of mind.
Urban sprawl will be a vast urbanity of disappointments.
All this I say in vastation from the vatic vault.
It's just a vanguard of thinking out loud.
I would like to either follow a feather in the wind, or go with the flow downstream on the lazy river, yet...

The hypnotic effect of suggestions to do that anything that everybody else does when it really is a social stagnation brings me back to the city, after all, anything goes.  By the bye I convey the path unseen, due to it's infrequent use.  So when I think, Thank God I'm a country boy, it is because my heart never left there.  If you have heard of the road less traveled, this is a mighty fine line to be walking.

I like to mix it up a little so I just eat the fresh sweet luscious fruits as being the law of the land, raw and natural.

I'm on a seasonal fruit quest so when I find what I'm after I bloat in the belly like Winnie eating hunny.

It's just a temporary condition where I get to laugh it off because I give back to the land and sea 110%.

And so I'm as thin as can be as I'm only addicted to the air I breathe yet I won't prescribe breathearianism.  I eat till I'm contented.

So I think to just listen attentively to the air waves and hear every nuance given by you.
To deepen a dapper conversation one always wants it to be a birthday song to sing along to suit the need.
Conquer the rap and receive the gift of song in a wonderous exuberation, so you say it's YOUR birthday, well IT'S my birthday too.
Arc tangentS AS gracefully in step with the times we have together.
Rejoice with the propensity and assume a compassionate position with the humility necessary to be living within a world striving to learn perfect harmony, for it is all in the latitude of the attitude keeping the altitude of YOUR thoughts as pure and true as perfection can have it.
Now I go and find then the weather is a very fine example that radiates around us.  I get to contemplate just how I saw a rainbow with an invisible sun but only felt a few drops of rain.
I HOPE that altogether in this concert of mind we come to conceptual integrity that will bequeathe US so we can find a little satisfaction.

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Comment by Behind Blue Eyes on February 17, 2012 at 1:19am

And sort through the flood of emotions in motion with a notion of LOVE.

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