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Some said to me, "You strike me as a very clearly intelligent person and this is where I will say to you that you know fully well how people will react to what you say especially if you've gotten that reaction many times before."

My reply was, "That involves a decision, a conscious one, to realize that if you're going to be who you are and not what someone wants you to be, you're going to step on toes, especially traditional toes. I don't get invited to church, I don't get invited to hang out at bars or eat fast food for lunch. That's fine, because I have to decide, which is the higher price I have to pay, the loss of the kinds of connections these people seem to need, or MYSELF when I do things that hurt me, such as eating foods I'm clearly not supposed to be eating, people putting me down for my beliefs (watch Cartman's history of ridicule of Jewish people on South Park - yes, there are people like that down here), whether religion or dietary, or even worse, dating people with destructive habits like drugs or physical abuse. The book, "Queen Bees & Wannabes," by Rosalind Wiseman, has helped thousands of girls learn not to put up with self-sabotaging things like that. So, which is it? Which is higher in cost? Losing yourself around people like that, or losing those kinds of people you don't need to be around in the first place to be YOURSELF. However, how far I take "YOURSELF" is a lot further than the average civilized person takes it because I still have that instinctive nature to resist people's efforts to change me or make me do things I don't want to do, which is very strong in comparison. I won't tolerate smoking partners, I won't handle meat in the kitchen, and I especially won't take abuse from partners."

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