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Women who like women? Lesbians, bisexuals, trans, etc.!

Are you out there? :) Stop by and comment on this discussion!


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Hmmm, this would be interesting...  I mean, how many people are:

  • deaf
  • a musician
  • trans
  • lesbian
  • vegan
  • spiritually undefined
  • drives a Jeep Wrangler

She is all of those things :)

Right, dear.  I was talking about ME.  Who would love someone like me?  I have an update, though.  It turns out that a friend of mine who went camping with me for 3 days by a rennie faire is a "friend with benefits!"  Wow, she is awesome...  How we progress in the future remains to be seen.

That's fantastic! :)

I'm heterosexual, but I have a LOOOOOT of lesbian friends! but...the'yre even not vegetarian .___.

i hope you do understand them the way they are ?may be the way they were brought up determine how they decided to live there life.with life ,people choose what they want to become.

Will call dem Lesbians.but that's there life they choose.

do you think.. they choose to be Lesbians? .___. Im sure they dont

Share with me ?  did you decide to be Heterosexual ? I hope not.somethings are beyond Human network .

Okay, I am beyond confused with this conversation. And I think you are both on the same side. I think you are both saying that heterosexuals and homosexuals are something that goes "beyond the human network." So to say, that one does NOT choose her sexual preference. Am I correct or incorrect?

Yes Im saying nobody choose, but maybe I missunderstood (my english is not my mother language..) so, if I made a mistake, sorry

Did you decide to love women?  Why don't you love men?  Given that you don't love men like you love women, WHY do you think I wouldn't want to love men in that same manner?  Where's the attraction?  You see, I look at men like I look at horses.  They're large animals with big, powerful muscles for carrying a lot of weight and running fast, depending on the build.  They have an interesting head and a mane.  But do I have a sexual attraction to horses like you would a woman?  No.  I have no more attraction to men than I do a horse.  I have always loved women and always will.  I did not transition to become a woman to "escape the stigma of being a gay man."  Who I love and who I am as a gendered being are two different things.


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