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What is it about a fruity date that is preferable to a non-fruity date?

Obviously, most of us don't live in a place where it is easy to find someone already into this we're here for a reason...what are those reasons?

How serious are you about finding someone into this lifestyle?  How far into it would you like them to be, and why?  Where would you draw the line?

What qualities and traits might you find or look for in a mate that you suspect would be easier to find in an hcrv date? 

What qualities and traits are you looking to avoid?

Personally, I think I probably have a pretty negative view of the male gender right now...I've been looking for proof otherwise, but it seems that everyone I meet is narcissistic.  I suspect that people into this lifestyle are concerned with and dedicated to emotional, mental and social transformation and personal development, maturity and compassion.  Creativity and individuality are also super important and I have the idea that people into this lifestyle are more open, honest, passionate and liberated. 

I don't personally care how into the lifestyle they are, I just don't want anyone to depend on me for their own health. In my life I've had too many people put the responsibility for their health on my shoulders, and I gladly took that role, but I don't want to do that any longer.  As long as the person is interested in this lifestyle and has made their way here by their own will, I believe the right circumstances will lead them to success with it.  I know I've had short successes on this journey, but I view it as a life-long mission.  I'm committed to it and always working on bringing stability in this lifestyle to me or maintaining it. 

People into this lifestyle are preferable to me for so many reasons and one being almost indescribable...just the ability to totally get it...

I suppose I'm not completely against people who aren't apart of this lifestyle, but they'd have to have some exceptional and similar qualities, like vegan, into natural living and simplicity, caring for the planet, understanding their own health and a strong sense of positivity.

I'm not super-inclined to really go after anything either, so I feel it is possible for me to wait a long time to find the right person, but I'm interested in learning how to be a single person, but I've never really been a part of it before.

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Great post. 
Getting it is so amazing and crucial, and you pretty much have to eat fruit to do it! It's like whoa. 
Aside from getting that life is the best thing ever, having a fruity date almost ensures having an attractive one. For me there is nothing more attractive than someone with clear skin and a clean lymphatic system, which goes hand in hand with eating fruit and moving ones body. I'm pretty sick of explaining my lifestyle to people, especially people I'm interested in. Either they think I've gone bananas or want to change their lifestyles just for me, rather than for themselves. I want to be with someone who has the level of self respect that allows them to be personally responsible for every aspect of their life and health is up there at the top. So I'm pretty serious about finding someone into eating fruit. It's doesn't matter to me how long they've been doing it as long as they've been vegan for some time. I just can't handle the whole meat and cheese thing. Not attractive.  
As far as qualities go, being active is crucial. I'm not the sit around kind of guy unless I'm resting from an adventure, so finding someone who likes to push it to the limit is important. Whether that means biking or running or yoga or climbing etc, my goal is to stop for the day once I've used every muscle in my body to maximum efficiency.
I'm not going to try to avoid any traits, because honestly I just wanna feel that love one can only feel with another person and limiting myself to a flawless person is just going to extend my searching time, probably indefinitely. Plus if there are any negative traits in this person, they're probably eager to better themselves. So that gives me even more reason to be with them so we can help each other reach towards our full potential. 

Great response Raini! I also love what you said about using every muscle in your body by the end of the day!!!  I'm gonna copy and frame that tomorrow! 

It was almost a year ago that I wrote this blog.  I actually deeply disconnected from having any interest in relationships.  I have learned more and more about how to love myself, that is another never ending journey I'm happy to take. 

Rereading this has restored my idea though that it is important to be with someone who really gets it... when I get to that point of openness again.

I really like the points that you addressed here they are so true.


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