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Hello, appealing Fruities! 

My name is Olivia, and i am gonna take over the moderation of this forum within the next couple of days. Now i am looking for ideas on how to make this forum what we all want it to be. I am sure we all agree that we don't want a replica of 30bad or any other raw food forum, but that the major focus should be on connecting with people. On a whole nother level. <3

We all need intimacy, skins want to be touched, deep glances exchanged, and dreams shared. Nothing more beautiful than that. So let's make it happen!

These are a few of the things i am pondering:

  • Do we want to make the discussions invisible to the public? On one hand it might attract some like-minded sweet fruity who finds a discussion via a search engine. On the other hand i suspect members will be more open and comfortable when they know no one can stop by for a peek. Thoughts?
  • What information do you find missing in the profile descriptions? Most definitely 'age'. Also if someone is interested in long-distance (at least for the beginning) relationships or is pretty much determined to not move and wants to find someone near by. Oh and some indication if someone is seriously interested in finding someone, or merely wants to hang out here but actually does not want to get all juicy. 
  • At some point soon i would like to conduct some interviews with fruity vegan couples. In case you have any particular questions you would like to have answered, let me know!  

Please post your ideas and ideals below, or send me a message, if you'd rather keep things private. Maybe there are some members on here who have some experience with more regular dating sites and have some advise for us.

<3 Here is to making this a fabulously appealing and sweet platform for romance, sex, and love! <3

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Hi, I think it's a good idea to make discussions invisible. I will personaly feel more likely to reply when they're not shown to the public.

And yes, information about age would be good to see there.

I don't have any additional ideas right now but when I have some,I'll write them there.

Sorry Olive, I was meant to introduce you! Look forward to your changes x


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